what is iso 14001 requirements?

Every client organisation think about the requirement before thinking of Certification of ISO 14001-2015. The ISO 14001 standards provide a set of requirements that will guide in the implementation of an Environmental Management System (EMS) which is commonly called as ISO 14001-2015. The requirements are designed to be applicable to any organization, regardless of its size, type, location, or level of maturity. All elements of the standard are mandatory, but the requirements stipulate the elements of an ISO 14001-2015 that need to be covered by the client wish to implement the standards, and the standard does not define how to address those requirements and standards gives freedom to each orgasniation to decide the method to implement the management systsm standards. The new standerds ISO 14001:2015 requirements are broadly separated into 10 sections (called ISO 14001 clauses), with clauses one through three describing the standard Clauses 1 through 3 include no requirements, but instead deal with the scope of the standard, normative references to understand the standard better, and terms and definitions used in the standard, and clauses four to ten containing the requirements for an EMS which is as following: Context of the organization (clause 4), Leadership (clause 5), Planning (clause 6), Support (clause 7), Operation (clause 8), Performance evaluation (Clause 9) and Improvement (clause 10). to remember the set of requirements, you may remember the clauses as CLP-SOPI where C stands for Context of the organization as per Clause 4 of the ISO 14001-2015, L stand for Leadership as per Clause 5 of the ISO 14001-2015, P stands for Planning as per Clause 4 of the ISO 14001-2015, S stand for Support as per Clause 7 of the ISO 14001-2015, O stand for Operation as per Clause 8 of the ISO 14001-2015, P stand for Performance evaluation as per Clause 9 of the ISO 14001-2015 and I stand for Improvement as per Clause 4 of the ISO 14001-2015.
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